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What are the advantages of having a treadmill?

Our treadmills have a lot of features like calories burn display, heart rate monitor, workout fan, MP3 sound system, and more! These features you won’t get in your regular jogging plus it has a easy folding mechanism to save you more space.

How do I purchase your treadmills?

Order online or leaves us a message here.

How to choose the perfect treadmill for me?

It will depend on your level of usage. If it will be used for gym or fitness centers, the treadmill should be built to stand prolonged and rigorous pounding all throughout the day so the AC motor will sound like a jet in a smaller contained space. If it will be used at home, a typical treadmill will do which lasts up to 12 years with regular maintenance.

How do I maintain my treadmill?

Regular maintenance is very crucial in keeping your treadmill in pristine condition. Upon your purchase, we will include a product manual explaining your treadmill’s features, how to use, and maintenance.

Why I shouldn't buy cheaper treadmills?

The more expensive the treadmill, the better quality it has. Even cheaper treadmills aren’t that affordable at all so why settle on something with minimal features and with no warranty? Just add a few more bucks and you’ll get amazing features and secured warranty.

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