6 Best Mobile Apps for Cardio Training

These 6 mobile apps will keep you on your feet, help you achieve your goals, and most of them are FREE!

1. Teemo

The fitness adventure game everyone can enjoy! Whenever you are, wherever you are, you can stay fit along with your friends. Teemo’s exercises are designed by experts which are quick but very effective. It works by selecting the adventure you want, be it climbing Mt. Everest or a quick dash to the deserts. Teemo makes every virtual adventure “sorta” real by incorporating real geography and cultural information.

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2. Daily Cardio Workout

Get a personal trainer for free! This great app from Google Play teaches you ten of the best and proven cardio exercises demonstrated by a professional fitness trainer. These will get you into shape in no time. Still not feeling it? The app comes with videos and timer to guide you with your workout, everything you need from a personal trainer, all in one app.


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3. RunKeeper

Lifehacker’s 2012 Best Running App, Runkeeper, is the simplest tool you need to stay fit and monitor your cardio. This free app keeps track of your pace, cycling speed, daily workouts, training plans, calorie count, heart rate and more! Download this app, get your exercise shoes and you’re on your way to a healthier you.


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4. Noom Cardio Trainer

An app that lets you do your exercise routine and seamlessly tracks how many calories you burned with integrated heart rate monitor and advanced GPS and pedometer tools. You can also download their Noom Weight Loss Coach here which will guide you to your weight loss goals with an average loss of 10 lbs in 2 months. Pretty neat huh?

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5. iFitness

For a price of $1.99, this app is still way more cheaper than a workout in a gym or having your own personal trainer. With an average of 4.5 stars out of 3,995 ratings, iFitness is the best of its kind as reviewed by USA Today. iFitness has hundreds of unique exercises more than any other app has with clear demonstrations and instructions to execute each exercise perfectly. Calorie tracker, timer, weight monitoring, BMI calculator, everything you need for fitness is here.

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6. HIIT Cardio Training

Simple ways to explain HIIT is that it’s efficient, burns more fat, good cardio workout, no equipment needed, and proven to increase metabolism. Created by fitness experts, this program will transform your body in ways you never know you can achieve.

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